You Can Make Your Favorite Contestant To Win By Supporting

You Can Make Your Favorite Contestant To Win By Supporting

Last year in Tamil a reality programme had reached a peak of success. From kids to adults all was quite impressed with it. That program is nothing but Big Boss. It created a new trend in television shows. Big Boss is the first twenty-four hours reality show. This programme shooting has taken in a lavish set that is specially created for this programme. In season 1 fifteen participants entered as original participant and on wild card entry four more people entered into show. Another reason for this programme hit is Kamal Hassan. This show telecast in Vijay TV and of course you can also watch it through other links or app. Contestants is not supposed to use mobiles inside the house. So they could not get contact with outsiders including their friends and family. Every week house mates nominates few contestants. Viewers should vote the nominated members, the person who get maximum number of vote get saved and the least vote one get evicted. This programme originated from a Dutch show. Few modulations we can find from original Dutch show to Tamil big boss. Just like in Tamil even in few other languages this show is running successfully.

Support Your Favorite Contestant

Recently season 2 has started. This season started with sixteen members. Big boss celebrities need to spend hundred days in a lavish building with a basic luxury. Twenty four hours camera keeps on monitoring celebrities. So each and every incident keeps on recorded. Every week there will be an eviction process. Viewers can vote and support their favorite contestants. Voting is a very simple process. One can support their favorite person by giving missed call or by clicking respected names on online voting poll. Voting poll is simple to use, only few clicks you are going to make to support your favorite. People every vote going to help a right member to stay longer in home. Only in official poll links votes get counted so please check bigg boss tamil vote on this site you can vote easily. Everyday viewers can vote but only limited numbers of vote you can vote in a day. If you are going to select online voting poll then in a day only ten votes you can do, not more than that. Next day again you can repeat the same process till voting lines get closed. Voting on a mentioned time is important. There is no age limit you can find on it, anyone can give votes.

Watch More

In season 2 viewers can find many changes on the set. This season is planned for hundred and five days, that is five days extra than a previous season. So public can expect many more spice and fun while watching it. Basic rules are almost same like season 1. Every day you can watch this show from 9 to 10.30 pm. Weekends till 11 pm you can enjoy it. Now big boss lovers can watch unseen clips, midnight masala, what’s cooking and morning masala also through hot star app. Good thing is they are not charging any money for this service. On this season we can find jail and some other new features. Worst and misbehaved contestants get locked in a prison for a day or till they get a big boss order. This show is suitable to watch with your family. Set of this show located in EVP film city. EVP is in outskirt to Chennai city. Sometimes even guests we can find on the set to promote their movies or to entertain big boss celebrities. Winner of this season get money and fame just like previous season. Every week house captain gets changes. Just like a captain even cooking, household, cleaning and vessel washing members get alter based on captain wish.

Support Till The End

Though final eviction decision is in Vijay TV management hands but still your voting is taken into consideration till end. Your votes can change any celebrity future. So keep watching the show to support your favorite celebrity. Every character on this show directly or indirectly indicates everyone characters. So this show is another good way to learn about our mistakes. When we find our similar alike character it gives us a chance to correct our mistakes. While you are planning to give missed call to support, make sure you note down a right number. If there is any doubt means you can find numbers through online sources also. Even in Social Medias this programme details you can find. Direct eviction is not generally we find on this show but if any one misbehaved or manhandled means they get evicted directly. Generally only on Sunday evicted person step out of the house, but on direct eviction they need to step out from the minute big boss ordered. Only one lucky member can get into house in a wildcard entry even after got evicted. That member needs to stay in a secret room for a couple of days.