Why Is UC Browser The Best Browser To Access Internet From Smartphones?

Why Is UC Browser The Best Browser To Access Internet From Smartphones?

When it comes to surfing on the internet, you know that you have to use the safest browser because nothing is safe when you are on the web. If you do not use a better and safer browser, the information you share through the internet can get leaked or hacked. It could be your personal photos and videos, your bank and payment card details and sensitive data of your clients. When you are using a smartphone for browsing, the risk is higher as your private photos and videos can get stolen, malicious codes can use your phone without your knowledge and the list could be endless. In such fearful scenario, UC Browser has established itself as the most reliable web browser for smartphones.

Why Should You Use It?

Reliability – First of all, it is developed by UCWeb which is owned by the renowned Alibaba Group from China. Therefore, you can rely on the product completely.

Smooth Browsing – Unlike other browsers, it does let banners and pop-up to disrupt your browsing speed and saves internet data in the process.

Customized Homepage – The homepage of the browser has cards where you can save important websites those you access most every day.

Faster Loading Speed – They provide an option named cloud-boost technology by enabling which you can get superfast loading sped. So, if you have slow internet speed, go for it at once.

Personalization – You can personalize the entire browser and choose from unlimited themes. You can also select from various preferences for a better result.

Quick Access – There is always a search option in the corner which lets you get access to your social media feeds like Facebook and you can check your inbox too.

Night Mode – This is the coolest feature you can never get in any other browser. If you turn off the light and read your smartphone or tablets, you will feel so good without straining your eyes like before.

Gesture Setting – It has multiple gestures and swipes that let you have a smooth user experience like never before.

Why Does It Stand Out?

UC Browser saves 80% of more data than other browsers like Chrome, Firefox. It comes with a Lite version for 2G users that makes the web pages load faster for 2G users. It can stream the videos faster than most of the other browsers that people are still stuck with.  It has text zoom in, video player integration, and around 400 million users are using it every day. Most importantly, it is the safest web browser to use.