What happens if you have cancer during pregnancy?

What happens if you have cancer during pregnancy?

If you have been diagnosed with cancer at any point of time it is bound to be upsetting. This tends to aggravate all the more when you are pregnant. It could be confuse and a sense of panic will grip you. As per oncology pregnancy medicine, cancer and pregnancy are two milestones in your life. While the former is a cause of distress the former is a cherishing moment. It bounds to the fact that dealing with both situations could be very difficult. You will be in the grasp of emotions and the feeling is that there is no one who is in a position to understand you. There is no need to worry as support is there for you.

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There are lot of organizations who render help in this regard. They help you to connect with women who have faced such situations in the past.


To start off the process when you are pregnant it may make you worried that the cancer could spread faster. Doctors have gone on to conduct a research on the same and there is no evidence to support these claims.

Research also points to the fact that pregnant women could be cured effectively with cancer in the same manner as non-pregnant women. The general notion is that doctors try to treat in a way as far as possible as they are going to treat a non-pregnant woman. Immunology pregnancy medicine is there to provide you relief. Since cancer during pregnancy is on the rarer side one is restricted in terms of treatment options.

As far as the right form of treatment is concerned, it is dependent on the type of cancer, the stage you find yourself at and how many weeks into pregnancy you are. Ideally you would be told to have certain treatments or the treatment could be delayed till the baby is born.


Any decision which you need to make when you are pregnant is particularly hard. It is not that you would need to take care about yourself but the health of the baby also assumes a lot of importance. The doctor along with the medical staff is going to provide you with all the necessary information that you need so that you are well equipped in taking the correct decisions. When you are bestowed with the right set of information you are in a position to take proper decisions.

The main onus of the doctors would to be balance your health in combination with the safety of the baby as well. In the extreme cases, they may ask a lady to terminate a pregnancy. The main reason for such a scenario is that the cancer is spreading at a quicker level and it goes on to possess danger to both the mother along with the baby. The norm should be to start the treatment as early as possible when the pregnancy is terminated.

The internet is the best place to find more information about cancer and pregnancy.