Vimeo or YouTube? Why should I decide

Vimeo or YouTube? Why should I decide

Vimeo or YouTube. Which of the two is better? The first thing is to clarify that there is no better or worse, it all depends on the needs you have when uploading videos. And also, to say that the one you choose for a platform does not mean that you cannot use the other. Visit this link for – download from youtube.

    Do you want to have a more professional image and show the world your work in a high quality? Surely, your choice is then Vimeo.

    Do you think that your content can have a high popularity index and you want it to reach a great diffusion? What you are looking for is YouTube.

However, it is clear that not everything is resolved with these two questions. Before deciding on Vimeo or YouTube, let’s go deeper into what makes them different and what their advantages and disadvantages are.

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Let’s have a look at YouTube

Popularity of YouTube

if YouTube stands out for something, it is precisely because of this feature. Today, it is the platform that receives the most visits and reproductions daily. However, in turn, it is also a disadvantage since this means that you will find much more competition and it is difficult for your content to stand out on such a broad platform.

Also, a very common event due to the popularity of YouTube is the occurrence of the ‘snowball’ effect, where the videos that reach the highest number of views are shown in YouTube’s featured videos, causing more people to reproduce them and be very difficult to unseat them and show new content.

Duration of the videos

With a normal account, YouTube lets us introduce videos of up to 15 minutes. If we want to upload longer videos, we can participate in YouTube’s monetization program.

    And what is this? This means that, if our account meets the requirements, YouTube will pay us for the ads we put on our videos and also give us some extra tools to improve them.

    And although it is true that here we also have a limit on the duration of videos, YouTube allows us to upload all the videos that we want. So, the usual solution to a very long video is to fragment it into parts.

    Advertising: Ads appear in the video’s own viewing window, either before, during or after playback.

    We must bear in mind that sometimes this is a can for the viewer, causing it to diminish or distract their interest from our content.

    However, advertising is one of the characteristics that benefit millions of YouTubers to get income through their videos, and we admit that the duration of YouTube ads is not too long. In addition, they are also given the option to skip the ad if they wish.

    Share private videos: YouTube gives us the option to privatize our videos and share them only with the people we want. To share it with someone, you must be registered on YouTube. This feature has a limit of up to 25 people.

    If you decide on Youtube, see how to insert a Youtube video on your website.

How much do you know about Vimeo?

     Resolution: If YouTube stands out for its popularity, Vimeo stands out for its content quality. The quality of your videos will always be the most important thing for him. This is why, unlike YouTube, Vimeo will always maintain the best possible quality of the video.

    This is the main reason why many film professionals choose to use this platform, since this way their work is much more appreciated.

Duration of the video:

Vimeo has no limitation regarding the duration, but the size of the videos that we upload is limited. So that we understand each other, Vimeo lets you upload up to 500 MB of videos per week with a free account. If you do not have enough with this, Vimeo gives you the option to upload up to 20 GB per week with your payment accounts.

Recall, on the other hand, that YouTube, on the other hand, does have a limitation on the duration but allows us to upload all the videos that we want.

    Advertising: Vimeo does not show advertising in your videos. Ads will not appear before, after, or during the video playback window.

    What will appear will be banners on the sides of the videos, although we can make these disappear with the payment subscriptions.

    Share private videos: We can choose that our private videos are not shared, share them with our Vimeo contacts, share them with certain Vimeo users or simply protect our video with a password that will be requested when starting the video playback.

    And not only that, but we can also control what the world can do with our video: download it or just broadcast it.

    In my opinion, this feature is much more complete on Vimeo.

In the end, it is your decision

After all this, I hope you have been, at least, things a little clearer about what you can offer each platform. If you were already convinced by one of the two, then I hope I made you doubt  Remember that choosing one or the other does not mean that you exclude yourself from any of the platforms.