From the time of one the greatest inventions, Wheels,  travel is part and parcel of human beings.  Life without travel isn’t complete. In ancient times humans traveled for food and water which is now evolved to travel for business and pleasure.  Only by traveling one learns about the world first hand.  Great philosophers only on their journey out of their niche became great people and led the world with their philosophies. Today’s travel is mainly for business and for happiness. With the advent of internet and websites travelers across the world use a sustainable travel blog for guiding them in the travel world.

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  • Evolution of travel :

      Wheels, the greatest invention of man is still considered to be the topmost invention.  Only because of wheels humans started to travel.  Only by travel, they were able to sustain the natural calamities and the difficulty of the annual seasons.  Humans traveled for food, water, and better living in ancient times.  Then they started to travel to conquer kingdoms.  With the development of science and information, the wars were reduced to a greater extent and human resource development started in the world.  But travel still continues for business and pleasure.

  • Diverse Travel :

     Diversified travel is the order of the day.  Every day new travel destinations with more and more of advantages arise.  On the onset of every new year and a new season, new travel destinations with the latest infrastructure and natural beauty are there for grabs for the pleasure traveler. With the increase in awareness on the importance of travel in the psychology of human living the diversified travel business is only one way.

  • Productive Travel :

     Business travels are productive travels to increase one’s business and expand it to the whole world.  The globalization and its effect have a phenomenal increase in productive business.  Having branches and business across the world is very common now.  This has made billionaires on the way and multi-billion business houses across the world. Each and every trip generates huge businesses, profits and also provides jobs and livelihood to a lot of people across the world.

  • Blog :

      A perfect blog is one where the diversity and productivity of travel are in correct terms.  They have to be accurate and to the point.  A person traveling to Mexico for a business promotion should be properly guided to have a sustainable business trip and reap its profits.

    A person on a  holiday trip to the Himalayas should be guided accordingly on the weather conditions and the risks involved in the travel.

    To travel is to live.  A sustainable travel blog could bring the tourists with its proper guidance and advice back to it.