Track Time, It is Absolutely Free

Track Time, It is Absolutely Free

Tracking time is very important when it comes to business. It simply means the number of hours worked. It is one thing that adds to the productivity of any business. So to do it effortlessly, unlike manual time tracking which demands so much of effort, Time Clock is a software that records the employee time worked which free of cost. What you need to do it simply open it in any of your device like computer or phone and just click clock in and clock out. It is as simple as that.

It not only records the employee’s time they are spending on a task, but also gives the information about the application used to do the task and even the account of the time wasted. Thus you will get the accurate time report which can be trusted blindly.

Being a free online time tracking, excellent payroll maintaining and instinctive scheduling, it is very simply designed that is very easily understandable and it creates individual schedules to work for the employees. It controls where and when the employee clocks in and on what device. The real time notifications are send to managers to keep updated about the whole process. Schedules can be created on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and shift schedules can also be carried out. Switching shifts with co-workers is excellent facility provided just with dashboard.

It is a very good option for small business groups who doesn’t want to allot employees to make work schedules, calculate hours and jobs like that. The salary amount to be given to them can be saved as online time calculator is completely free. Employees even use it to get an estimated next salary. In case of overtime, the calculator accepts the daily and weekly minimums in hours tracker and will award the employee the higher of the two. It can be directly sent to any email id as well.

Enjoy high HR compliance like never before with accurate payrolls and increased productivity easily that you can manage from any part of the word. No overpayments guaranteed and trusted by more than fifty thousand business organizations to track the time and scheduling.  No particularly designed device needed. It works on almost everything like computer, tablet, I pad, windows, android, apple, Google chrome, safari, Firefox, internet explorer, IOS, chrome OS, Microsoft edge and what not. So give it a try.