Time Clock Genie: An all in one online scheduling, time tracking come project management software to channelize your workflow!!

Business practices can go a much needed change by ensuring a close and efficient check on remote monitoring and time tracking of employs helping to boost their work flow and productivity. Keeping aware that employees are sticking to regular attendance, tracking their work progress, scheduling tasks can help in ensuring a smooth continuum into the business workflow.

Owing to coming up of online softwares,this task can be easily done via the mode of time tracking wizards that can either be purchased or experimented for free up to the trial period. One such multi utility online scheduling application that has received good response in business place is Employee Time Tracking available as a web version which is extremely resourceful and offers some handy features explained as under:


Web monitoring

Once registered into the interface,the software allows to remote schedule employee tasks, manage project division and do intensive minute to minute tracking of employee work. In case an employee deviates from the work and spends larger time in online surfing that will get monitored and reflected to the manager via its notification system.

Online Clock

Being a useful and 24 hour time scheduling application, it lets employees sync in their work calendar, update schedules and set reminders for urgent work allowing then stay devoted to their targets. Moreover, it lets the managers keep a close check on employee activities and establishing workplace decorum necessary for any corporate business place.

Budget Management

Project management requires clear division of workload among variousteams so that every member of the team can work sincerely which adds tothe success of the overall project. This requires intensive scheduling, cost estimation and resource allocation. By ensuring a regular check on employee productivity via the mode of time tracking software,managers can plan their resources well getting a clear picture of what’s needed and how much to be spend on.

Timeline Creation

Timeline creation is one of the most basic yet necessary features involved in project management that can be done using Time tracking Clock Genie software. Timeline actually helps to visualize the manner in which tasks need to be completed to meetdeadlines. Moreover, in scenarios where there are multiple employers involved, timeline helpsto know from where new task can be continued.


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