The successful leader who inspires the youngsters nowadays

The business is the most important way which helps a lot of people to make money with the small amount of investment as the capital in the beginning.One can reach the top in any kinds of business only when they have some special knowledge and skills as well as the tips and tricks to become the popular person in the industry. Only few people can reach this level, these will make them profitable at the end and even as a millionaire. These people are actually the inspiring personalities and the role models for many youngsters. Their hard work and dedication towards their business helps them in reaching the success, which have to be learned by each and every individual who are thriving to do business on their own. It is better to follow their footprints in order to avoid any kinds of struggles in the future days. One of such great successful leader in the industry of technology and executive leadership is the Mark Hurd who says that to reach the success in your life one should get excel at three important things which include the ability to design a proper strategy, ability to pick the correct people and the ability of driving the continuous sharp execution on that strategy.

Small brief about Mark Hurd

Mark Hurd is the chief executive of the Oracle and the oracle board member who is having 30 years of experience in the industry of technology. He joined Oracle in the year 2010 and derives the strategies and work for development in the various departments like innovation, executive leadership and customers. He has been recognized as the most powerful people in the fortune magazine in the year of 2007 and is also rewarded as the Best Managers in the year of 2009 by Forbes’ magazine. He has been chosen as the best CEO in the year of 2008 by the San Francisco Chronicle’s.

He has completed his education at the Baylor University and is also a tennis player. His passion towards the tennis is a never ending one; he built the tennis center on his own to facilitate the people who are passionate towards the tennis.



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