The Ideal Scenario To Get The Ideal Results

The Ideal Scenario To Get The Ideal Results


What will we all do if there was nothing called technology in our lives? Would we all just roll over and die and then hope that someone who is more advanced in the field of technology come to bury us and give a proper ritualized funeral for it to add gravy on top? Just like how that expression and figure of speech is so hard to believe and very maniacal in nature so is the very thought that all of us being devoid of any form of technology from the world forever. So it should be said without actually saying anything that technology has a huge role to play in our lives and it is suffice to say that without it, there would be no way that the current state of things in the world would survive and people would be able to even live a minute of. So what does this technology do to our lives that we have become practical slaves or addicts to it, that we have no way of telling what is reality and what is not without technology paying a role in our lives. A simple invoice software here and there and a billing report being explained through a skype call and even the very work we do can be minimized and shrunk into a plethora of emails and hangout conversations. That is how technology has indented its role in the world today.

Much Ado About Tech

Having understood that the role of these digital things that communicate with the means of a blue screen is a simple thing in its own right but we all know that there is something much more involved when it comes to machines and how they play a role in every single transaction we make, be it business or just day to day ones. The biggest businesses in the world nowadays do not even use paper or the good old fashioned way of getting invoice reports but they simply use an efficient invoice software to do the job for them and then just have to sit and wait for the results to either feed itself into the company’s database.


What will happen if technology does not exist in the current modern era? And that question is something we have no clue about and only precious time will tell on its eventuality.