The Bundesliga: How Germany Paves the Way With Innovation and Philosophy

The Bundesliga: How Germany Paves the Way With Innovation and Philosophy

Ask 100 hundred people the question, “Which is the best football league in the world?” and you’re bound to get mixed answers. Some might say that it’s the Bundesliga while others might state that it has to be the Premier League. There are now too many different things to consider as to which league truly deserves the crown of being “the best.” However, Germany’s Bundesliga might be closer than any other league in claiming the top spot.

Germany is a country where there’s no shortage of champions, especially in Fussball. Hence, every time a football season comes into view, fans from across the country and the world come to see every inch of the action while shouting cheers and jeers at the sides of the stadium. So it does make one wonder, “Why is Bundesliga one of the most popular leagues in world football?” We take a deeper look into that notion as we discuss three reasons why you should put this competition above its rivals.

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Spirited Players in Every Direction

Watch a game of Bundesliga – just one game – and you might be hooked for life. One of the beautiful things of watching sporting events is you get to feel every bit of emotion in the playing field. When your favorite team scores a goal, you’ll see the smiles and roars of their enthusiasm as they run halfway across the field to show everyone that they did it. You can also feel the sadness of the opposing team as they fail to block the shot or when they lose their chance at getting a shot at winning the league. In Bundesliga, there’s no shortage of these emotions, and you’re going to feel every bit of that with each match, no matter how small it may be.

Strict Guidelines

Bundesliga has one of the strictest governing rules you can find in the entire world of football, especially regarding club ownership. It’s been argued for countless times that the restrictions placed on league clubs and its members limit the number of potential commercial investments that might otherwise be attracted to the sport. While some might think that the Bundesliga’s strict laws fail to attract commercial revenue to keep the league alive, it also means that clubs have the right amount of discipline that’ll show in each practice session, team meeting, and for the matches against other teams. In a very competitive sport like football, discipline is a key element that shouldn’t disappear.

Continuous Innovation

During the 2014 World Cup Final, Mario Gotze displayed excellent control of the ball on his chest as he bounced it to make the perfect shot to score the winning goal. This grand moment in football history aided Germany to be known as a fearless superpower in the world of Fussball. It was also during this time that the first European nation was able to win the sport’s biggest prize while playing a match outside of its home continent. Even though it would seem like it was done through some god-like talent by Gotze, it was a technique honed through countless hours of practice.

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