Settling into a new town: the essentials

Settling into a new town: the essentials

So, you have done it! You have made the brave decision to move to a new town, and now you are all unpacked and ready to start your new life there. There are many different reasons why you may decide that a new town is the best decision for you and your family: perhaps you are making a career move, or you have been promoted; perhaps your children need to be nearer a school; perhaps the lifestyle in your new town is much closer to the sort of lifestyle that you want to live. Whatever the reason, it is a bold thing to do, and a great achievement. Now all you have to do is start setting up your life and getting everything ready for you to live it. After all, there are some basic essentials that you have to have ready if you are going to be living life to the full, no matter where you are – but it can be quite difficult to know where to begin if you do not know the area at all. That is why we have put together this handy little guide that will talk you through all of the basics so that you can have the essentials ready almost as soon as you have finished unpacking!

  1. Get signed up to a dentist

Although many people decide to leave this until last, finding a good San Diego dentist is absolutely the first thing that you should do after you have moved. After all, there is no knowing when you may need to see a dentist, and many San Diego dentists are completely full of patients and unable to take on any new ones – even in an emergency. Make sure that you are all signed up as soon as you can.

  1. Find the nearest hairdresser

Most people would trust their hairdresser with their life – and that’s what many of us do every time we sit down in the chair! Your hair is often the way that you gain confidence, so make sure that you try out at least three hairdressers before you settle on the one that you are going to remain loyal to, as you want to make sure that you’ve found the best.

  1. What’s the quickest route to hospital?

This information will hopefully never be necessary but should the worst happen, you will be glad that you found out. Understanding the traffic flows and daily congestion times will take a few weeks, but you should always be conscious of them so that if you ever need to get across town quickly, you know the perfect route immediately.

  1. Discovering the little quirks

That little art gallery that no one’s heard of? That jazz club that’s only open on the first Thursday of the month? The coffee shop that offers pumpkin spice lattes all year round? These are the little things that only residents know, and the best way to find out about these is to just wander around the streets and explore! You could also check online to see if there are any great recommendations that you can take.

  1. Being a good neighbour

You’re not truly a local resident until you have helped carry someone’s shopping home, pointed someone in the right direction, or helped someone grab their child before they ran out onto the road. It is the people that truly make a place, and by getting to know your neighbours, you’ll quickly find that you start to become part of the furniture of the place. Now that you’re all settled in, you can start to welcome newcomers after you!