Rebotec Rollator – Types and Beneficial Impacts

Rebotec Rollator – Types and Beneficial Impacts

A rollator is a type of mobility aid used by the elderly or by those with back injuries. Rollators allow such people to maintain a degree of independence as they move around.

The rollator consists of a metal or plastic frame with three or four wheels. Some rollators are also equipped with a shopping basket. Rollators are more sophisticated in comparison to the conventional walkers with wheels. They are adjustable in height and are light in weight and firmer than conventional walkers.

What are the benefits of a rollator?

Rollators are quite useful when someone who has trouble gets around wants to continue living at home. If the condition requires an individual to stop and rest often then a Rebotec commodes is perfect as a walking aid. A rollator with a seat and a crossbar for back support allows the user to stop and rest when needed.

Different types of rollators

  • Height-adjustable Rollator

A rollator can have a seat and handlebars that can adjust in height. Some of them have enough range to be used by both adults and children.

  • Handle brakes

The rollers will have the wheels on all the four legs and they are not similar to walkers. Therefore, rollators have handle brakes.

  • Standard Weight Rollator

The average weight of a rollator is around 15 pounds. However, there are advanced models that are a bit lightweight.

  • Folding Rollator

Like walkers, rollators can have a feature that allows them to fold up easily. When flat, they fit easier into a car, bus, or plane.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Rollator

There are rollators with soft gripping handles and tires. These serve a dual purpose and won’t mark up your indoor floors while making it easier to manoeuvre over dirt paths in the park.

  • Three-Wheel Rollator

The three-wheel rollator is shaped like a tricycle. It is lighter than most four-wheel models and some say they are easier to manoeuvre because the three-wheel design enables sharper turns.

Rollator walking aids also have a fourth wheel to provide greater support. Majority of the rollator frames also have a seat as an added comfort.