Permanent Resident Canadian Visa- All You Need To Know

Permanent Resident Canadian Visa- All You Need To Know

Without a doubt, Canada is one of those countries where many Indians move every single year. Not only Indians but many people from all across the world tend to immigrate to Canada for some obvious reasons. The reasons for the immigration contribute to a different story altogether but the bottom line is what does it take to immigrate to Canada? The permanent resident Canadian Visa comes into play. This is that one document which is very important to prove that you are a permanent resident of Canada.

What is the Permanent Resident Canadian Visa?

If one person from any other part of the world than Canada wants to immigrate to Canada not for a particular period of time, but as a permanent resident, he would need the permanent resident Canadian Visa. Many people immigrate to Canada for education or working purposes. They don’t actually get the Permanent Resident Canadian Visa because they do not opt to be a permanent resident.

If you really want to settle in Canada from any other country, you would need this document compulsorily. Also, one person would require the permanent resident card if he leaves Canada once and wishes to re-enter.

Benefits of being a permanent resident of Canada

. You can live, study and work absolutely anywhere in Canada without worrying.

. You would get the official Canadian Citizenship if you apply for it

. All the social benefits which the Canadian Citizens receive will also be given to you

. You will be protected under the Canadian law and everything that is stated in it.

What are the limitations even if you are a permanent resident of Canada?

You might have got the Permanent Resident Canadian Visa but at the end of the day, you are an immigrant. This is the reason why you would never be allowed to:

  •  Vote for a political office or run a political office
  •  Get any such job which requires heavy security clearance

How to apply for the permanent resident Canadian Visa from anywhere in the world?

As already mentioned, thousands of people move to Canada every single year due to the very simple immigration policies as well as other benefits. Before opting to be a permanent Canadian, one has to apply for permanent resident Canadian Visa and the process is mandatory.

There are different rules that you have to agree to along with the eligibility, processing time and so on, are given in the free visa enquiry form. After you have filled the visa enquiry form, you might still have doubts in your mind, which you think needs to be cleared. For that reason, online query is also available. There, you can enter the important details like the country you are moving from, your age etc. and then, ask your question. There are real immigration experts to answer it and clear every single doubt you have in your mind.

The visa enquiry form which you would need to fill is available all around the internet. All you need to do is search for it and then fill it up. After doing so, just wait for the other person to get back to you with more details that you would need to provide. You might even have to physically go to the immigration agencies for proof purposes. These are just the brief ideas about the process but what exactly you have to do will be provided after you fill up the visa enquiry form.