Pairing Ear Rings With Your Outfits

Pairing Ear Rings With Your Outfits

One must never underestimate the importance of a good pair of ear rings. The choice of your ear pieces can make or mar your entire dress. There are certain unsaid rules that one follows while accessorizing for any occasion. While there is nothing set in stone, it is always better to have at least a basic idea of how to adorn yourself according to the occasion at hand.

Here are a few ways which might be helpful in giving you some insight on the right kind of dress up.

Stud Earrings

One of the most commonly worn pieces, the stud earrings are always a safe bet to wear. However, one must be very selective of the kind of studs they pick. For instance, someone with a heavy face structure or a broad jaw line must go for a bigger stud than your average sized ones worn by women in general. The good thing about the big ear studs is that they go with every face. Make Vana’s handmade Vintage Black Ear Studs are a great pick for anyone preferring studs. Pair it up with a jeans or a dress, its grand and classy look will complement either of the dresses.

Stone Studded Ear Studs

The more formal alternative of the ear studs are the ones with stones studded in them. While the normal ear studs can be paired up with any dress, these stone ones become formal and thus should preferably be adorned with a formal evening gown or a saree and worn for a glamorous occasion rather than a quite bonfire evening. Make Vana’s handmade rhinestone studded turquoise ear rings are a gorgeous piece to have in case you are looking to add a glittering stud in your collection.

Ethnic Silver Ear Rings

Next in line are the single drop design ear rings with an ethnic look. These are suitable to faces that are not very long. As they are longer than your studs and dangle from the ear, they give the face a longer look, so people with shorter faces can go for these as they will be visible on their faces. Although it will go well with a tank top and jeans but they will work better with an evening dress. They are ideal for a casual date. Make Vana’s handmade Tibetan Ethnic Silver Era Ring is a beautiful piece to fit the bill.


One of the most often worn pieces of ear rings are the danglers. With a very colorful look and a decorative appearance they are the choice of ear rings for almost everyone. Being as they are designed they are indeed suited to every face, but not to every dress. While picking the danglers make sure you are pairing it with the right dress. They go best with long skirts and tank tops or shrugs. Make Vana’s handmade Austrian Crystal Earrings are a gorgeous pair with pastel colored beads weaved to make the piece. Pair it with a colorful long skirt and black tank top to complete the dress.

You can select from many more options in kids collection  of handmade ear rings from Make Vana, the one stop shop for all your jewellery shopping.