Employee screening using aptitude tests

Employee screening using aptitude tests

Business houses across many sectors have been using tests to assess the knowledge and aptitude of the persons before employing them and they are in fact the most vital and decisive part of the overall interview process.  At present, you just need to mention that there is a job vacancy and your desk as an HR manager is likely to be flooded with applications from potential candidates. Now, how do you choose the right and eligible candidate? You definitely can’t do it by going through their Resume. The first job in hand will be to reduce the pile on your desk to a manageablelot or rather pre-screen them before you go in for rigorous screening.

Why use aptitude tests?

The Aptitude tests are being sought by the companies to make informed decisions while they hire. Aptitude tests  should be used because

  • The aptitude assessment tests can assess thecandidate’s ability in problem-solving, reasoning, writing coherently and getting along with peers.
  • When combined with the interview, the aptitude tests can give a clear picture of the aspirant’s capabilities and determine if he has the potential to be successful in the position.
  • Since different aptitude tests measure different qualities, and the test can be designed to test the qualities that are required to handle the job that is vacant, it will serve as a comprehensive guide to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate which may not be possible to determine in an interview alone.
  • It helps you to compare performances of the aspirants in a single glance.

How should you design the aptitude test?

The aptitude tests can provide accurate results only if it is designed taking into consideration time, cost and appropriateness of the test for the job on offer.

Employee screening using aptitude tests

Types of tests

The types of tests used extensively include

 Personality Tests– The personality test is very vast in scope. But the personality tests that are usually put to use for employment screening are those that measure 5 basic factors of personality, namely- openness to experience, conscientiousness, emotional stability, agreeableness, and extroversion.

Knowledge Tests- the knowledge test that is based on topics relevant to the job in question will help to ensure that the candidate has the required level of knowledge to perform effectively in the job.

Ability Tests- they measure the cognitive skills and the mental ability of the candidate by getting the candidate to explain what or how they would react to a particular scenario in the workplace. The ability tests are strongly related to performance levels of candidates.

Skill Tests- They test the relatively easy yet important tasks that will help the candidate perform well in the job such as typing speed, data entry so and so forth.

How are the tests conducted?

Earlier these tests were pencil and paper affairs conducted in a controlled environment within the company premises or the premises of the testing center, which is operated by a third party who is responsible for designing and administering the tests with a time limit. The present trend is to use the internet and conduct the tests online which has inherent benefits like convenience for the candidates, the chance to test a large number of candidates at the same time, quality real time reports that are fast, which means that the screening process is also faster.

The aptitude test will definitely be a representative measure of the performance of the candidate on the job. Use it for speedy screening.