Child Care – The Modern Way

Child Care – The Modern Way

Nowadays, financial security is a must to fulfil needs of a basic family household. To make them selves independent and financially stable, both parents work to give children a better future. Good income of family provides savings which help in a child’s education and needs further on. In the fast-paced life of today, the day care centres have emerged as an alternative where you child is under able supervision and care which is in complete contrast to the nannies who hire in the proximity of your homes.

Child care also known as day care is taking care of child by people outside immediate family except the immediate parents or guardians during the day. It is care of child being taken when the parents are working. Child care is generally done at home by nannies or grandparents or family child care providers. But these days, day care has converted to special establishments where proper child development and nurture are done also commonly known as day care centres.

Child care may be commercial or family child care homes. Lots of big corporates provide good child facilities at the work place of parents. Some are family child care homes where one parent seeks supplemental income to take care of child at home. Family child care providers do it as profession.

All these day cares require licensing and certification for providing better quality care to children. Laws have been made for safety of child and for punishment of child abuse. Legislation which provides licensure has set guidelines for set up of day care. It may include minimum window space for proper ventilation of the place for children, minimum floor space per child and maximum number of children per room. Supervisors working there should be more than 18 years of age. The physical facilities like washrooms, lighting levels, eating, sleeping should be proper. The supervisor to child ratio should be important for roper care of each child.

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Parents prefer day care centres over nannies as they are structured and are well supervised. Day care centres have clear cut schedules of picking up and dropping child by parents, eating and sleeping schedules of babies. They are more affordable and the arrangement is basically warm and comfortable for nurture of child. Staff members have early childhood education which help in child development and nurturing a child’s skills by providing them knowledge. Different activities and instructional projects like singing, story or poem recitation or arranging blocks, etc. make children more intellectual than children at home as suggested by National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

Whereas along with all its benefits, baby day care centres have disadvantages like paying heavy fees for late pickups or be at home when child is ill or arrange for someone else during centre’s holidays to look after the child. Children may catch infections like diarrhoea, Influenza or Conjunctivitis may spread due to improper sanitization of hands while changing diapers or airborne phenomenon and hence children in day care are given more antibiotics than outside.

Quality day care provides a warm and comfortable environment for rapid and proper development of child. The kids also get individual attention of supervisor and proper schedules and nutritional guidelines so that he can adjust and be comfortable with the people and the surroundings. Make sure you send to the best one!