The most beneficial energy drinks to get more mental focus

There are a lot of fiction and different kinds of misinformation about the energy drinks are revolving all over the world through the media and marketers. It is a common fact that people hardly know about the facts of energy drinks and such drinks are getting popular in recent times and are mostly preferred by many people all over the globe irrespective of their ages. In this fast pacing environment, one could see a lot of people who are consuming foods in order to increase the energy level of the body. Some people who want to do a lot of work will usually require more amounts of energy than in the case of normal people. Thus, they always want to consume energy boosters that could be helpful in making them to do all kinds of works faster. These drinks are usually available in various types and flavors; they consist of the glucose, coconut water and many other kinds of natural ingredients only. One of the best selling products is the Sati that is most commonly preferred by many kinds of people of different age groups.

How does this work?

People are always advised to consume such kinds of drinks in order to get health benefits from them, adhering to the correct dosage level will make the perfect outcome of the result. According to a lot of benefits, it is said that caffeine is helpful in protecting the individuals from various kinds of diseases like Alzheimer. That is why many people would like to start their day with a cup of coffee or tea which is also consists of considerable amount of caffeine in it. The energy drinks like sati is made of some good ingredients like vitamin B, glucose, coconut water and many more. These drinks when consumed regularly are helpful in bringing a lot of benefits like easing fatigue and enhancing the mental focus. These boost the energy level of your body which makes people do a lot of work, whether it is at workplace or in sports. These drinks as they are made of caffeine, they are mostly preferred by the workaholics in order to enhance their energy levels and to maintain the stamina for a long period of time.

Why it is essential to add in food?

In today busy and hectic lives, it is hard to find out time for some things that should be in our knowledge. And most significantly, the appropriate and true facts on a particular subject are necessary and wrong or false particulars lead to confusion and mental stress. Thus, here in this piece of write up, we would like to unveil the truth about a common food preservative that is carrageenan  as numerous fake stories are being expanding about the argument Is Carrageenan safe, which unfortunately leads to explosion of fear in millions of heart all around the world.

Firstly, let us get familiar with the term Carargeenan and its functioning in our food items

What is Carrageenan?

Carrageenan is basically a well known ingredient of food that founds a plethora of uses in the vegetarian and non vegetarian recipes all over the world. If you do not have clear information about the carrageenan first gets the enough detailed information about it. Searching in the internet is the easy and best way to get all the complete information easily.

Some of the important uses of Carrageenan can be summarized below: –

  • It is predominantly brought into usage as an alternative to gelatin for the setting of delicious deserts.
  • In various types of non vegetarian dishes such as in cooked meats, it is responsible for retaining the moisture.
  • In chocolate milk, it easily suspends the particular layer of chocolate which prevents the same from segregation.
  • It maintains the quality of the food for a longer span of time with maintains its delicious taste and also minimizes wastage of food.

Now, in the past few years, there has been a major controversy on the topic is Carrageenan safe that has been rising ever since its outreach in the world. We sincerely need to make efforts and find out the truth behind this edible food additive that acts as a strong binding agent in our foods. Basically, this confusion has elevated due to the presence of two kinds of, which are upgraded and degraded. The ingredient which is used as a preservative in foods is the upgraded one which has been revealed to be absolutely safe and secure as it is simply derived from the red seaweed with the employment of  one of the most gentle and protected ways.


A few Pointers about Carrageenans

There are mainly two types of Carrageenans. One is degraded carrageenans and other one is food grade carrageenans. Food grade is one type which is considered to be safe and is used in all the food products whereas the degraded one is found to be harmful and is not safe to be used in the food. Food grade is one which is derived from the red sea weed and is already approved by the WHO and by the committee of the experts in the food additives. They have already declared that it that is found to be natural is safe to use as an additive and can be taken without any limit. Degraded carrageenans which is now called as Poligeenan is put in a harsh acid and is not considered to being safe for usage.


This is the one which creates confusion with the food grade carrageenans. The only reason people believe that carrageenans causes health problems is because of the defect in the manufacturing units. There were concerns for people on many products that contain carrageenans. The reason behind this is due to the manufacturing defects .They use cheap ingredients in those products along with carrageenans so as to lower the cost of manufacturing. This will then result in low quality products thereby causing many health issues for the people. As per FDA this is considered to use safe in food products and is also safe in consuming. It should be taken care that the products that we use do not contain any cheap ingredients and the carrageenans extract is of the pure form. One of the main benefits for the carrageenans is that this removes the harmful chemicals that are included in the product. Carrageenan is considered to be safe for both the infants and the pregnant women. This is one factor that proves on the safety of the product.

A knowhow on the Harvesting

Some of the common harvesting areas of the carrageenans are Europe, Asia which includes some of the places like Japan, China and Korea. Based on the type and the water in which they grow the characteristics of the carrageenans differ from each other. As soon as the harvesting gets completed these are processed into products that are refined and semi refined. Refined products are products that are manufactured using the alcohol precipitation method. The products thus manufactured are of high quality with the least odour and the colour. Semi refined products will undergo the process which will be of simple alkali extracted and bleached. These are then dried and made into powder. Semi refined ones will be less costly when compared with that of the refined plant extract. Ideally, they are safe to use.