Can You Fix Cracked Furnace Heat Exchanger?

Can You Fix Cracked Furnace Heat Exchanger?

Have you noticed that your furnace heat exchanger is acting up? There are different ways to know if your exchanger has a crack that needs to be addressed soon. First of all, try to check the flame of the furnace. Is the flame still blue? If yes, then you have nothing to worry about because your heat exchanger is just dirty but if your flame is orange and is dancing a lot, this is a sign that there is a crack or a hole on your exchanger. Another sign that you have to look for is the carbon monoxide levels inside your home. Even if you do not have a detector, you will know if carbon monoxide is leaking based on your body’s reaction when you are near the furnace.

If you feel nauseous or dizzy then this is a sign that a lot of carbon monoxide is present in the area. You are still recommended to get carbon monoxide alarms so that you will immediately know if there is too much carbon monoxide present in the area. No matter what type of heat exchanger you have, the moment that it is diagnosed to have a crack or a hole, you will be recommended to replace it immediately. Remember that the price that you have to pay can be very expensive. It will be enough to make you feel dizzy even without the carbon monoxide present. What if you can attempt to repair the furnace heater on your own, would you do it?

Even before you do any of the repairs that you want to do, it is ideal that you check the whole furnace heater first. Remove it from the furnace and take a look at it under an ample amount of light. This will help you see if the furnace is merely dirty or if there are really some cracks or holes as stated by the contractor who checked your furnace. If you see a crack then try to analyze if it is as bad as the contractor made it out to be. Look for some signs of rust because this is a sign that water is leaking through the crack. If you see that there is a discoloration within the area of the crack, then repairing the furnace is already beyond your reach. You have to contact professionals already so that you can have your exchanger replaced.

If in case you feel that the exchanger can still be repaired, you need a sheet of metal that you are going to place over the crack. Make sure that you have your safety glasses too because you need to protect your eyes as you cover the crack with the use of a welder. If the things that you have to do to repair the crack are too much for you, browse company website now so that you can see the furnace parts and heat exchangers we offer.

If you have managed to fix the exchanger, do not go around fixing other people’s heat exchangers as well. The ability to repair the crack will always depend on the severity of the crack. If it is already too severe then replacing it will be the best option.