Bangalore Houses Plenty of Things for Its Residents

Bangalore Houses Plenty of Things for Its Residents

It is true that Bangalore absorbs folks into it. Many people vouch for its weather while some love the greenery around and there are even such individuals who need no reason to fall in love with this city.Moreover, the energetic and young crowd make the city even cooler than its climate. Not just the climate or people but you have plenty of things in Bangalore for you.

Once you count the things to do in Bangalore, you are going to end up with plenty of options. Indeed, the city is swarmed with activities, concerts, tourist places and what not! You can carry out any type of activity you want to do. There are some outstanding places snuggled in this city that leave the visitors amazed.

Have a walk around Lal Bagh

Want to explore something amazing? Then why not check out this destination? Lal Bagh springs across two hundred forty acres and it is home to a massive number of trees that are simply more than one thousand years old and have more than one thousand species of flora. If you have a taste for nature and you like to stay around a natural setting, a casual walk or jog exploring this lush greenery makes for a lovely day.

You can also relish an idealistic walk around the lush greenery that makes the spell of the city fade. The Lalbagh Glass House, constructed specifically to imitate London’s beautiful Crystal Palace, is certainly the cherry on the cake. If you are lucky enough, you can get a chance to experience bi-annual flower shows as well!

A satisfying picnic at Cubbon Park

How about carrying out a family or friends picnic at Cubbon Park? It is lush greenery enclosedby government buildings, cultural institutions and other historical monuments. All this makes it a zone to explore. The symmetrical park situated here was a resting place for the traders as they travelled between Cantonmentand old Bangalore.This park is embellished with uncountable flowers, groves, shady trees and other floral species. The Queen’s Park, SeshadriIyer Memorial Library, bamboo pond, band stand and BALBhavan children’s park make this place a rejuvenating picnic spot for everyone.

Spare some time for Rangoli Metro Arts Centre

The centre is a one stop true cultural activity centre for different interests. The centre houses three art galleries, Belaku, Vismaya and Chaya that showcase beautiful visual art such as paintings, photographs, sculptures, installation and beautiful artefacts. Rangasthala the auditorium hosts various magic & comedy shows, the puppet shows; the kids play area tugged with an interactive fountain, games and structures. There is also a demo zone dedicated to pottery & batik printing in the middle of others.Moreover, Nagara Pete at this spot caters the chance for independent designers, small collectives, artists, the cottage industries and vintage shops to set their shops/stalls. Similarly, the open area that houses Music Performances and Drum Jams come alive during times of festivals.


So, Bangalore houses plenty of things for people of all age groups. It is needless to say that you cannot feel bored in such an exciting city!